SB 2016 : where ideas flowed with no barriers

As people entered the Sustainable Brands Rio 2016 , on 21 and 22 June , they were impressed by the unexpected location: an old port warehouse , the base built of iron and brick , flanked by large glazed openings to the sea, received an event with almost no walls , where the workshop rooms and auditoriums were subtly demarcated by small structures. The symbolic became concrete and, as ever seen, the ideas flowed seamlessly in the fourth Brazilian edition of the global network conference that brings together the border of the application of innovation with sustainability in business transformation .
SB Rio 2016 took place in the Armazém da Utopia, which name is more than appropriate for the experience provided. On the outside, we still face the reality of the city imperfections, the traffic through accelerated works to deliver on time the largest urban legacy of the Olympic Games to the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the new Porto Maravilha. Those who were able to walk down the boulevard to the Praça Mauá, used the VLT, although experimental, or rode a Itaú bike, could have a taste of how the place will look in the near future.
On the inside, the limitations caused by the economic crisis served as fuel for creativity and the redesign of the event. This resulted in a powerful content panel, meeting with the support from 107 speakers, facilitators and discussants of plenary sessions and workshops, which gained even more power from the interaction of all participants - professionals from large companies, startups entrepreneurs and social and environmental innovators. This truly diverse and mixed interaction in a free environment who made the SB Rio 2016 a superior experience for the participants and outsiders. After all, it was essential to live up to our topic: Activating Purpose.
The team at Sustainable Brands Rio 2016 thanks everyone who attended the conference and made it possible. An event is, in its nature the result of people and ideas mixed together .
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Soon also the videos of the lectures will be available.