A mini SB in Sao Paulo

Water crisis, waste management, biotechnology, engagement for brands. Who has not been to Rio de Janeiro had another opportunity to check some solutions to the global dilemmas. Pocket SB Rio took place in the auditorium of Dow, sponsor of the activity, on 28 August, inside "Virada Sustentável São Paulo 2015" event.
Fernando Pecoraro, CEO of the Brazilian company Ambievo, presented its case of contaminated soil recovery from an organic solution, a substrate of orange. The system developed by the company enables decontamination with low generation of effluents, cold oil removal (without the use of energy) and reuse of oil and soil.
Genet Garamendi, vice president of corporate communications for American Solazyme, detailed the microalgae technology responsible for the production of renewable fuels and oils for foods with reduced amount of saturated fat and low environmental impact compared to traditional oils such as palm - the most used worldwide.
In an important debate, Fernando Malta, from the Brazilian Entrepreneurial Center for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), moderated a panel with Samuel Barreto, from The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Besides them, representatives of two companies presented their technologies to reduce the impact water resources: Julio Natalense, Dow, and Marcus Vallero, General Electric (GE).
Finally, Natura reproduced part of an activity held in SB Rio 2015, to stimulate co-creation of ideas using the brand and the concept of "SOU" products line as a starting point for discussion. Participants were able to contribute suggestions to the company.
In all, 75 participants attended the Pocket SB Rio. Check out all the photos here!